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Outlet (China) Limited
Global Outlets Innovative Mode Leader

  Outlet (China) Limited, set to be an operator in new modern service industry investment, specializes in research, investment, development and operation management of outlets in the Greater China region; has created a new type of modern industry mode with outlets discount stores for famous brands as primary business which is featured by the coexistence of a variety of commercial formats, and is dedicated to the investment, development and operation management of the new modern industry mode.

  The company, set to be a new urban center led by outlets, establishes a four-level development mode of "3+X" with the coexistence of multiple commercial formats, and the primary business of outlets discount stores for famous products. Relying on the industry-leading development and operation experience and strength, based on the European and American outlets mode, and combined with China’s national conditions, the company has established the “pan-outlets” development concept, formulated ideas to help local governments and enterprises optimize their development, helped world famous products enter China more conveniently to serve China and introduce a truly global leading lifestyle for cities. It aims to realize the strategic layout in the Greater China Region by setting up outlets modern service industrial zones, which will position the company a pioneer of the outlets industry in China, and ultimately a world-class business flagship.

  After many years' research and study on the Greater China market, Outlet (China) Limited will carry out its promotion in four stages on the basis of local economic conditions: from the core cities of China's five key economic circles to provincial capitals, from key cities at prefecture level to scenic zones, from large-scale modern service industrial zones and industrial parks to medium-sized outlets towns and outlets resorts. With the eventual realization of these strategic goals, Outlet (China) Limited is bound to be the leader of the outlets industry in China and even the word.

Strategic Investor

  Duofu International Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Duofu Group") is one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. Founded in 2003, the company has set up double headquarters in Beijing and Hangzhou and branches in Chongqing, Xi'an, Changsha, Chengdu and Guangzhou, and has spread its industries in China’s first- and second-tier core cities, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and other overseas regions and countries.

  Adhering to the strategy of "building a business with excellence and winning by diversification", Duofu Group focuses on six business sectors of industry, real estate, trade, investment, cultural tourism and aviation. In 2019, Duofu Group has made itself rank 25th among the top 500 private enterprises in China with an operation revenue of 175.3 billion yuan.

  Duofu has made its business include mineral resources development, petrochemical and new energy, metal sheet manufacturing, high-end packaging industry, intelligent equipment manufacturing, intelligent electricity meter and water meter, environmental protection industry base, security equipment, marine industry, massive health industry and general aviation industry.

Enterprise Mission
Enterprise Vision
Corporate Culture

Build an Elite Team on the Basis of Putting People First, and Pursue Excellence to Lead China Outlets
Carry Out Exploration and Innovation to Promote Urban Development, and Adhere to Honesty and Trustworthiness to Create a Business Future

Build an elite team on the basis of putting people first

  Outlet (China) Limited adheres to the development concept of “putting people first” and regards employees as its most valuable asset. Through the establishment of a clear value system, it achieves the effective combination of corporate goals and employee performance. The company pays attention to the development of the staff’s intelligence, and the motivation of the staff’s enthusiasm and spirit of innovation, to promote the staff’s self-development and self-improvement and encourage them to consciously and actively carry out the work; It emphasizes the relationship between cultural identity and group consciousness, fully understands, values, trains and motivates employees, and fully respects the personality, rights and ownership status of employees, to realize the “people-oriented management” that integrates manpower, knowledge, technology and other elements; it relies on the wisdom and strength of all employees to build an outlets elite team.

Pursue excellence to lead outlets in China

  With full enthusiasm for the outlets industry, a deep understanding of the industry development trend and years of accumulated industry experience, Outlet (China) Limited has become an outstanding enterprise in the outlets industry with the attitude of pursuing excellence. In the growth of the profession, the communication between peers has brought it experience reference and inspiration of creativity. By choosing the best among the best in a variety of schemes, it has continuously achieved better results. Outlet (China) Limited focuses on building the most advanced outlets in China with the spirit of pursuing excellence, and becomes the leader of outlets in China.

Carry out exploration and innovation to promote urban development

  Outlet (China) Limited always keeps the pioneering and innovative spirit of advancing with the times, forging ahead and embracing changes, and makes every effort to build a learning elite organization to fully release the vitality of innovation elements such as “talent, capital and information” between each other, promote the deep cooperation between employees, and realize more valuable breakthrough innovation. It encourages employees to take the initiative to meet and respond to various challenges in their work, and to explore new methods and new ideas with forward-looking consciousness, so as to realize the common development and win-win situation of the enterprise and employees.

  Outlet (China) Limited integrates the resources of the whole industry chain to build an international exchange platform, pays attention to the latest development of commerce and outlets to promote the healthy development of the industry with the mind of exploration and innovation, injects innovative elements such as commerce, culture and tourism, holiday tourism and new retail combined with local resource conditions, and puts forward new ideas and directions for the development of urban commercial service industry, to provide suggestions for urban development and promote urban development in China.

Adhere to honesty and trustworthiness to create a business future

  Honesty and trustworthiness is the cornerstone for the survival and development of Outlet (China) Limited. The company practices participatory and transparent management internally to form a strong cohesive force, so that everyone can unite to win. Externally, the company insists on being honest and trustworthy to its partners, providing sincere services, always being responsible, scrupulously abiding by business ethics, and concentrating on being a leader in China’s outlets industry.

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