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  The Outlets BalletTown, inspired by life, was born in the USA, which was initially a factory outlets store outlets selling famous-brand out-of-season, off-shelf and short-in-size commodities. Due to its beneficial price and high-quality commodities, it is sought after by people, and has gradually developed into a global commercial format. Now it cannot be simply summarized as "a sales area for the high-grade commodities on discount". Pure Outlets BalletTown is similar to a comfortable small town, which not only provides the high-quality and inexpensive famous-brand commodities, but also presents various ways for relaxing, including catering and cuisine, and tourism and vacation. At present, there are 500 outlets the whole world. The development of outlets in China is in the booming period.

A Place of Pilgrimage for Fashion Avant-garde
Top 5 Outlets Shopping Villages in the World

Woodbury Outlets in New York, La Vallee Village in Paris, Bicester outlets village in London, Fidenza Chic Outlets in Milan, and Premium Outlets in Gotemba of Shizuoka are the well-known five big outlets towns in the world.

Woodbury Outlets in New York, with American country style buildings, gathers in nearly all the top brands in the current market, and has the only Chanel factory outlets in the world.

In Paris, the "Fashion Capital", people following fashion are more keen on outlets. La Vallee llage, located in the suburb of Paris, continues the romantic and artistic temperament of Paris, with buildings of garden villas, and streets paved with the plain flagstones and embellished with the modern or classical artistic sculptures, which is full of beautiful feelings for shopping.

Looking at 5 Famous Outlets Shopping Villages in the World
We Found That They Have Four Common Characteristics

There is convenient traffic, about one hour’s drive from downtown;

There are rich tourism, vacation and humanistic and cultural resources around;

There are many international first-line brands, inexpensive price and comfortable shopping environment;

The multi-functional outlets shopping village has become the international fashionable center.

Innovations of Outlet (China)

We make not only the Outlets BalletTown shopping villages, but also the large-scale urban new centers led by the outlets. Outlet (China) proposed a brand-new outlets business model, which integrates the outlets shopping popular in the world, world-class leisure business cluster and the original European life new city based on the European and American mode and combined with China’s national conditions,. adds the unique resources industry including the golf, the yacht holidays, hot spring SPA, etc. according to the local characteristics, and creatively puts forward the " 3+X " complex function mode on the basis of the deep integration of various formats, forming a new urban center with all life and all value, opening up new development path for outlets to enter China and obtain the powerful vitality, while bringing the world fashion to China.

02 Brand Story

BalletTown- as a new main field for the future life,
it will be a pure international "New Urban Center".

Ballet - a forever lasting classic fashion symbol that is popular in the world and represents the world’s taste.
Rain - a source of vitality, which can nourish everything on the earth. It is not only a kind of nutrient, which represents wealth, but also a kind of artistic conception, which is full of poetry.
BalletTown - means to nourish the cities and life by world fashion, to bring the fashion lifestyle synchronized with the world to the cities, and to turn the cities into the stages of world fashion new life.
BalletTown - advocates a ballet-like future urban fashion lifestyle. Beautiful and elegant ballet makes the life eternal in the enduring renewal, and romantic and light rain makes life poetic.

BalletTown brand story - freely choose one's own pace of life, in BalletTown, people can be completely free to choose their own pace of life and fields according to what they like. People can always be satisfied no matter whether they like to sit down for a coffee or to enjoy an exclusive gentleman's game in the international GOLF forest park.

Outlet (China) jointly cooperates with the top-level international resources from the UK and France and introduces rich life content to build urban centers powered by outlets -"BalletTowns", providing people with a unprecedented international-level good lifestyle.

In our outlets, you can buy the international famous brands from all over the world; in the authentic European architecture, you can experience the comfortable high-quality living; in the leisure facilities, you can enjoy the world's cuisine and entertainment. When the world's good things are all gathered in one place, we get a new life we can enjoy. If life takes a new course showing the rhythm of beauty, then it will be like a graceful ballet, which makes people fascinated.

03 Brand Concept

Combined with China's national conditions, Outlet (China) has innovated and upgraded a " 3+X " complex function mode - "BalletTown".To create new urban centers with complex functions such as shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, living, tourism, vacation and so on.

BalletTown has (3+X) basic sectors, among which the 3 refers to outlets, the modern service business cluster and the ecological leisure residence, and the X represents many resource industries with local characteristics. We divide the new urban center into three functions with a superposition relationship. The first function is the special zone for leisure, vacation and shopping led by outlets, which is composed of outlets and the modern comprehensive business cluster, and also called "colorful outlets"; The second function is the living city with world style led by outlets, which is composed of discount stores for world famous brands, ecological residential real estate and related supporting facilities together. The third function is the new urban center led by outlets, which is composed of resource industries with local characteristics, such as golf, yacht club, hot springs and the surrounding large supporting large facilities and construction, as well as the living city with world style. "BalletTown" has a large-scale business cluster and rich commercial formats. The "3 + x" complex function mode can satisfy every consumer's consumption demands.

A Special Zone for Leisure, Vacation and Shopping Led by Outlets - Colorful Outlets

The core of outlets is surrounded by large-scale business cluster. This cluster, including large commercial shopping centers, characteristic commercial streets, professional theme stores, cultural and entertainment facilities and public supporting facilities, forms a large modern comprehensive business cluster. Inside the cluster, many life leisure facilities can be found on the characteristic commercial streets, such as the folk custom commercial street, the folk custom humanistic and creative zone, the characteristic good food court, the western-style wedding ceremony church, the children’s experience court, the fashionable bar leisure street, time-honored business street, etc. In the shopping center, there will be a theme mall, famous-brand commodity specialty stores, the international cinemas, boutique supermarket, catering and cuisine street, books and video town, personal care product specialty stores, health supplements specialty stores, etc. At the same time, shoppers can also find a number of cutting-edge cultural and entertainment facilities in theme stores, such as bar street, esports, club, VR experience venue, two-dimensional theme exhibition hall, etc. Our supporting public facilities are complete, including the business and leisure hotel cluster, the large exhibition center, banks, pawnshops, international schools, etc.

With the consumption upgrade and new retail empowerment, outlets has created a full space and time experience shopping system integrating “online”, “mobile” and “offline”. With a series of intelligent consumer services such as robot navigation, face recognition, AR virtual fitting and contactless payment, it refreshes your way of shopping. With 5g mobile cloud shopping, AI personalized recommendation and other cutting-edge technologies, it creates a full scene immersive consumption experience. Outlets Internet celebrity live broadcast base can create a new intelligent retail business system combining social e-commerce and fan economy through the interconnection between people and freight yard, and create a new era of network traffic of outlets industry.

Our multi-format and multi-functional new urban center with international characteristics led by outlets in the "3+x" complex function mode will bring the fashion lifestyle synchronized with the world to our customers through the integration of three functions of the special zone for leisure, vacation and shopping led by outlets, the living city with world style and the special resources industry.

A Living City with World Style Led by Outlets

BalletTowns are surrounded by high-quality ecological resources, from low-density Mediterranean villas or international apartments, so that everyone who is addicted to this can find the space they like, people can get rid of the hustle and bustle of the city, restore the essence of life, and meanwhile can enjoy the international high-quality life without leaving home.

New Urban Center Led by Outlets

BalletTown will develop the characteristic resources industry according to the local resources, such as the theme park, wetland park, yacht club, golf course, hot spring, waterfront leisure, mountain vacation, etc. Our multi-format and multi-functional new urban center with international characteristics led by outlets in the "3+x " complex function mode will bring the fashion lifestyle synchronized with the world to our customers through the integration of three functions of the special zone for leisure, vacation and shopping led by outlets, the living city with world style and the special resources industry.

Core Value of "BalletTown"

  • For the public consumers
  • For the city
    inject new wealth power into the city
  • For the house buyers
    let them enjoy the living with world style
  • Bring the world's top fashion into China

Social Contribution of "BalletTown"

BalletTown, with strong industrial chain and business clustering effect, brings a strong and lasting impetus in promoting urban development, industrial upgrading, promoting employment, increasing tax revenue, etc., and becomes an accelerator for promoting regional rapid economic development and GDP growth, thus promoting the process of internationalization in the whole city and the region.

Economic engine + Industrial power

Use brands to make the nation stronger - gather world brand essence, explore the way to use brands to make the nation stronger and promote the internationalization of Chinese brands.

Urban development - improve people’s living environment, form new urban centers, break the urban-rural dual structure and promote China’s urbanization process.

Industrial upgrading -- business clustering effect to form a strong industrial chain integrating multiple commercial formats, improving the standard of modern service industry, and promoting industrial upgrading.

Economy promotion- BalletTown brings a strong and lasting propelling force in promoting the urban construction, the industrial upgrading, the employment, the tax revenue and, the employment, etc., to becomes the engine of regional rapid economic development and the accelerator for regional GDP growth.

Brand Vision
  • A front window to face the world fashionable trend;
  • A special zone for experiencing the world's top fashion brands;
  • A cloud-based shopping paradise with world famous-brand commodities;
  • A release center of the world’s fashion information in China.
Brand Image
A Grand Show Where the World's Famous Brands Gather

After elaborate and careful selection , gorgeous scenes and the top luxurious goods with affinity are shown here. People can have pleasant surprise of unceasing discovery of the new brands, with expectation of being able to enjoy all of the gathered global fashions.

Keep Away from the Hustle and Bustle of the City and Enjoy a Comfortable Life

The international metropolises are no longer the main places for purchasing fashion. By the time of playing one CD, you can drive into a new fashion town outside the downtown, far away from the hustle and bustle of the market, and enjoy the comfortable life.

A Shopping Paradise for Urban Elites

The urban elites, who seek fashion recognition and trend asylum, will have a reason to gather here- a joyful small town and a palace of happiness.

A Place for New Experience of Leisure Life

Due to the sound sleep of time and the absence of noise

Happiness has the flavor of leisure

In a place where all kinds of pleasures meet

Indolence is also fine.

International Town Surrounded by Beautiful Scenery

Breeze · Moon · BalletTown

With the favor of nature, it is almost enviable

In the buildings of classical feelings, what beats is the most fashionable heart

On the unsophisticated stone road, the notes of urban trend flow

BalletTown, an international dynamic shopping paradise, an elegant and romantic dating place,

a resort that nourishes the soul,

an international new urban center!

BalletTown, a new life stage of world fashion!

Outlet (China) will open a new era of international fashion lifestyle.

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