Development Strategy
01 Strategic Planning

Innovate the Development Mode and Formulate Chinese Standards for Outlets

  Outlets Based on European and American mode and in accordance with China's actual conditions, Outlets (China) Limited has put forward a new outlets business mode, that is to establish the concept of the pan-outlets format and develop a new urban center with discount sales of world-renowned luxury commodities as the core and supporting other commercial formats, high-end commerce, leisure and vacation, and high-quality living facilities as the pillar, and has creatively proposed "3+X" complex high-end commercial real estate operation mode in terms of strategic planning, to develop a new international urban center led by outlets around and between big cities by deeply integrating the outlets shopping popular all over the world, the comprehensive modern business cluster, the original residence with European style and the resource industry with local characteristics, and form an economic industrial chain with the primary business of outlets discount stores for famous brands, and the coexistence of commercial formats commerce and living facilities, opening up a new development path for outlets to enter China.

Create a Superior Brand and Lead Market Development

  Through its mode innovation and led by outlets, Outlet (China) has conspicuously created an outlets industrial cluster integrating the special zone for leisure, vacation and shopping, the living city with world style, and the new urban center, to bring the world fashion to China, improve Chinese people's life quality, and input new wealth motivation to Chinese cities. The goal of the strategic planning of Outlets BalletTown is to continue the operation of the high-value brand and enable Outlet (China) win a permanent market advantage in Greater China region.

Four-stage Promotion for its National Layout

  Backed by its international resource superiority, its innovated and upgraded operation mode, created advantage brand and the development policy of promoting modern service industrial area, industrial park, style town and shopping village at four levels, Outlet (China) concentrates on two major commercial format groups of modern business and new modern service industry. By adhering to the strategic planning of “innovation and upgrading of two industrial clusters, three-step investment for scientific development and four-stage promotion for its national layout”, Outlet (China) will become the navigator of the world outlets industry.

  In the next three years, Outlet (China) will complete the investment, construction and operation of more than 100 outlets industrial clusters of different scales in China, with a total investment of more than 100 billion US dollars, to create a lot of tax resources for the project site, provide job opportunities, greatly improve the local service industry's development and boost the local economy.

Development Project
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