About Outlets
About Outlets

Gathering world top brands

For enjoying the new life of international fashion

"Aotelaisi" is the transliteration of the English word outlets, meaning "way out" literally. In modern retail business, it refers to the large-scale leisure and experiential shopping place composed of the world famous-brand commodity discount stores, namely the “world famous-brand commodity discount center” which is popular all over the world.. After nearly a hundred years' development, outlets has grown into a leading commercial format in today's retail business, which enables the vast majority of people to enjoy the new life of international fashion by providing the shoppers with world top brands at the most favorable price.

Comfortable Shopping Environment

Outlets is generally located at the edge of the city, but it has very convenient transportation and rich surrounding tourism resources, really realizing "staying away from the dust but not away from the city". It can be said that it is the preferred resort for shopping with friends and leisure vacation with families.

Generally, outlets offers spacious shopping areas for their customers. Some outlets centers are have complete supporting facilities, such as shopping centers, hotels, and leisure and entertainment facilities with a blend of various architectural styles, allowing customers to have a pleasant shopping trip while appreciating the architectural styles of various countries.

World-renowned Brands

All brands stationed in outlets are famous luxury brands that enjoy a good reputation in the world, but what outlets sells are special out-of-season products and new products of old styles, of which, some are sold directly to outlets after being taken off the shelves by specialty stores or malls, while others are hot-selling items carefully selected by brand owners from out-of-season products which are then specially produced and supplied for outlets. outlets. Compared with the specialty stores and department stores in the central urban area, outlets only supplies genuine goods with a discount of 1-6% of the price of their goods, which makes outlets a favorable choice by fashion groups worldwide and a pilgrimage site for consumers looking for fashionable commodities.

Highly Competitive Prices

Commodities sold in outlets are either out-of-season commodities, overstocks, tail products or new special products solely made for outlets. Therefore, outlets can cut most expenses on product design, product promotion and new arrival advertising. Outlets, with the low-cost operation format, the location in at the edge of the city where land and construction cost is relatively low, and the scale effect brought by sales, outlets has a great price advantage.

Global Outlets
Outlets in China

Industrial upgrading in the name of greatness

A hundred years is not only a time concept, but a symbol of recognition and trust. Originated in the United States, outlets has been widely accepted by many consumers with its low-price brand experience and cozy shopping atmosphere. It is known as "discount store for world famous brands", "factory outlets store" and "direct sale square for brands" around the world. Now there are more than 500 outlets centers in the world. The annual turnover of each outlets can range from about 1 billion US dollars to nearly 10 billion US dollars.


Since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of China's economy, the change of consumption habits, the strengthening of brand concept, the expansion of the consumer base of famous-brand products, China can fully meet the comprehensive requirements to developing outlets. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for China to develop and build outlets. China is destined to become the leading outlets market in the world.


Based on the European and American outlets model, combined with local characteristics and making full use of international resources, Outlet (China) has created a business cluster with multiple formats and functions, to inject vigorous power into the development of business in Greater China, and promote the promotion and development of Chinese brands while bringing the world’s fashion to China, and has explored the way to use brands to make the nation stronger, to realize the upgrading China’s outlets from commercialization to industrialization.

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